IIKA National Championships and Award Banquet

Saturday September 16th 2017 Manchester Tennessee

Grand Master Harold Long & I.I.K.A. Chairman J.C. Burris


The I.I.K.A. Board Of Directors would like to thank you for your participation in making this years event a great one.
With your commitment to Isshinryu Karate and your great performance at the 2017 Nationals this years event was a huge success.

Lets get prepared for 2018.


The International Isshin-ryu Karate Association Board of Directors is proud to welcome you to the 7th Annual ? I.I.K.A. Nationals". Established in 1975 by the late Grand Master Harold Long as the premier Martial Arts Event in the nation, our pledge is to make this an event to remember.

Throughout the years "The Nationals" progressed into the "Isshin-ryu Hall Of Fame Event" that has continued to be held each year in Tennessee.  Our goal is to return to the original I.I.K.A. format and re-establish ?The Nationals as a premier I.I.K.A. event.

This event will allow the continuance of the Harold Long Legacy and also allow for Isshin-ryu Karate Karate-Ka to compete and to be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments in Isshin-ryu Karate.

On Behalf of The I.I.K.A. Board Of Directors

We want to Thank You for your Participation and Support and look forward to seeing you at this years event.


The I.I.K.A. Award Banquet will be held at the beautiful Coffee County Conference Center In Manchester Tennessee beginning at 6:00pm on Saturday Evening just after the Tournament is completed.

This event offers a great opportunity for all I.I.K.A. Membership and Invited Guests to participate and be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments in Isshin-ryu.

The award categories this year have been expanded to allow recognition throughout all ranks and ages and assure that I.I.K.A. recognition is more comprehensive and fair.


For all IIKA members and invited guest, the Tournament this year will also have expanded competition divisions that will include....

"Two New Juniors Grand Championships Awards"- To allow for the younger competitors ages 6 through 10 and ages 11 through 17 to compete for the "National Junior Kata Grand Champion Title"


"The Fight Team Challenge"- To Identify and Award the Best Of The Best Men's and Women's Fighting Teams In All Of Isshin-ryu Karate.


"Self Defense Division"- Competitors will compete any Self Defense Stanza from the Isshin-ryu Kata and be judged on Execution and Overall Performance.


"Team Kata"- 2 or more individuals will compete any Ishhin-ryu Kata in unison and be judged on Execution, Timing and Overall Performance.


"Chief Instructors Division" 6th to 8th Dan will compete in Kata, Weapons, and Kumite.

Dont miss this division!!

Thanks For Visiting